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Strawberries in the garden. Album 1 Strawberries in the garden. Album 1

Strawberries? Yes - strawberries! Photo report about how it was ...
Or: Is a business near her house?

How it began:

Write about the business at their summer cottage? While it is difficult to say about the great success, although it is possible for a positive dynamics in five years - seven. And yet ... as long as I have a small plantation of strawberry, which your humble servant and his family work, and maybe after a while of it will be possible to talk about a successful business. On this (or more precisely on this) plantations can achieve the very positive dynamics and development, they also all depends on what stage the person wants to stop. On acres or hectares, in centners or tonnes, for a thousand rubles, or numbers with many zeros. It's possible and very real. But more about that later. The main and key in all this is that "... I have a small plantation ...".
Bookmark plantation, after the decision to create it began with the clearing of land, preparation of high ridges, laying drip irrigation, mulching film covering the ridges and passes between the ridges roofing and old linoleum.


нарезка грядок

окончательно выравнивание. Ручками, ручками...

Прокладка капельных линий
грядкадело к осени

Next - a Guide for action!

  1. With the motor blocks, and then with shovels, rakes and scrapers, we again formed ridges. Distance along the axes (center top of the ridge or centers of rows 1.9 meters). After this distance, we pulled the cord and allowed him to walk-behind Hiller, who made a deep furrow. Then rakes, hoes and scrapers attached ridge rounded. The pile with an average of 0.35 - 0.4 meters.
  2. This ridge we missed drip irrigation tubes (two on the ridge). The distance between the tubes of 0.5 meters. The tubes also laid on the cord. Very long chain (in the year, we had chain length of 25 meters), such precision is needed.
  3. After the tubes were installed drip irrigation, we have covered ridge mulching silver-black film, black side to the ground. Film to land prishpilivayut iron brackets, and each blade glued shut. But need a quality tape. Normal, office, sun cracks and crumbles in a month. And the staples in the wind and pulling tear, cut film, so these places we strengthened the squares of the more thick and strong adhesive tape.
  4. On both sides of each tube at a distance of 8-10 cm, in the film, we make a hole with a diameter of 6 cm. At first cut with a knife, but it is a very long and laborious. Now Burn a special device.
  5. All - planting seedlings. In these same openings.

A separate item still have to say about the irrigation system. The scheme is, beginning with the main valve on the site: Crane - Filter - Valve Controller - Backbone PE pipe with a diameter of 32 mm - Drip tubing. Only in the year we were able to prepare ridges 9 to 25 meters in the area of 4.2 weave. It took all summer. Many seedlings perished in the heat and had to turn over. Showered with tape and had to glue fabric of the film again. And the experience and knowledge is not enough. Yet done so.
Speaking of plants and varieties. In the first year we planted what we had in the old country house. The fact that at the time my mother planted. Very long time. God knows what there was variety. But judging by what they say neighbors - gardeners probably around suburban array (over two thousand villas) mainly from site to site walked four main varieties. This festival, Zeng-Zhang, ruby pendant and Gigantella. Mustache shared with each other.

Then again, I go back to the system of drip irrigation. That is how we watered. We opened the tap in May ... What's all. That's all the watering. Everyone else is doing the valve controller. Small computer, the size and shape resembles a mobile phone, a cot. At the right time, he gave the water and turn it off, regardless of our participation and even presence. Hoses that have to push them from one place to another, broken hoses these seedlings have time to rush to the country, while pump water, flooded aisles and dirt on the hands and feet in the past. I just closed the valve at the end of September, when the irrigation season ended in cottages.
And yet ... aisle. In the photo to view - on them laid strips of tar paper and old linoleum. The effect of this "three in one":

  1. No grass grows.
  2. Always clean and dry (where the water is going, we just cut through the roofing material with a knife).
  3. Additional fastening tape.

Neighbors were shocked. On four acres is not growing anything except strawberries. Manually nobody waters, and often there is no one in the area at the time of irrigation. All care was limited to the fact that his wife will occasionally with a broom between the ridges, sweep dust and a few dead leaves and all. That's a hell of a job is - to engage in strawberries.

The last thing we did in the same year. We purchased two hundred elite seedlings remontant strawberry "Queen Elizabeth 2" and in September dropped separately from the ridges to get a good seed for next year.

On the production of planting material will tell and show photos in the same, a little later. 

Hope and anxiety. RESULTS.
Autumn came, then winter ... Ridges with strawberry leaves disappeared under the snow, which scored all aisles and top half-meter layer. The very form of fine ridges helps snow retention. Spring of the following year (2012) occurred earlier. We all wondered - vymerzli strawberries or not. Snow came early and fast, revealing the lush, green foliage, which did not seem to sleep all winter, and continued to grow under the snow. In late April, strawberries full blossom and we awaited harvest.
Behind the fence and see the neighbor's plot neighbor who occupied a traditional dacha difficulty ...


Зацвела земляника

Harvest ... a year of work and expectations. We are ready for it, we were waiting for him, but still a little worried. We knew that would be a lot of strawberries. In any case, more than ever we have had in the country for two small beds. We were preparing for marketing. We bought ahead of time and corrugated plastic containers. All for the collection and transportation of fruit and were prepared with a stock. Not to twitch and not to rush later when Berry will have been laid in the container. Still, we were worried. What will sell? At what price? Will need someone, then our strawberries? We have already held talks with several retailers in the markets and shops, which assured us that they are waiting for our strawberries and will buy it. But doubts remain.

Зацвела земляника

First berries we collected twenty-fifth of May. A little bit. Five pounds. Naturally no to what the store is not reached. Three days have passed the strawberries, which the costs of the outlets of Engels. It turned to the sale of the problems in such an enterprise as the realization of strawberries, when done right, none at all. Demand much, just hugely exceeds supply. Area where it is claimed - the whole Russia. We also turned out to be a very hand that our strawberries (reader beware!) Ahead for local ripening same varieties for about two weeks. This means that two weeks earlier than potential competitors. And this means that a different price. It got to the funny things when people buy our strawberries in the stores, refused to believe that it is local, and said that she brought from Turkey.

Зацвела земляника

Зацвела земляника

Зацвела земляника

Зацвела земляника

Зацвела земляника


This is - the result of applied technology of cultivation. Ridge, film and drip irrigation. Although it is not the most advanced and efficient method. In total, we have collected from four acres five hundred sixty pounds. On average, about one and a half kilograms per square meter. Not bad for a one-time, early varieties that produce fruit just something days 20 - 25 in a season. Of course, from the collection of strawberries and then work on the plantation is not limited to sweeping tracks. It is really a tedious job, but first, when the same is necessary and work. I'm still at the beginning of his story to say that it is a work, not miracles. And then, with ridges to collect strawberries easier than from the ground.

The results of the harvest in 2012 led to some conclusions.

1. This business can and should do.
2. Technology to implement and comply with recommendations for their use.
3. You can not stop there.
4. Need to use more productive varieties and quality planting material.

On the next steps in their development, and the cultivation of seed for his own plantation, I'll discuss in the next article album.

Next: Земляника на грядке 
Альбом №2

For more information, please visit this articles web page.
This article was published on 21 September 2012.
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