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Protection of plants. Evaporator. Protection of plants. Evaporator.

Prevention and control of diseases of plants in greenhouses .

Fungal diseases of plants in greenhouses , as well as spider mites and other pests have a significant impact on production quality and yield.
The most common way to solve this problem is the treatment of plants with pesticides. However , chemical pesticides - is, on the one hand, the relatively expensive material , while on the other hand, they have a negative impact on the human body when used in food products containing them . Spraying pesticides in greenhouses and pesticides are at greater risk of health personnel working in the greenhouse , either during spraying , and during the following days , when the concentration of chemicals on the leaves and fruits of plants preserved sufficiently high .
There are old enough , effective and easy way to protect plants , it is called " fumigation gray" , using sulfur checkers. This safe and environmentally friendly method of sufficient control of fungal diseases of plants by treating sulfur vapor , efficient and environmentally friendly , because sulfur is a natural and cheap pesticide, known since ancient times.
Device designed for simple , automated processing plants in such a way is the evaporator .
The evaporator comprises a heating element and a cup body made of aluminum which is not subject to corrosion . Rather simple design of this device ensures its long life, the only element that can fail - it is an electrical heating element that is specifically designed for long term use and has a warranty period of 5 years , and in case of failure - easily replaced .
It is known that the combustion of sulfur at a temperature of 248 ? C. Much amount of sulfur dioxide SO2, and at joining it to react with water which is normally present on the leaves of plants in a greenhouse, its structural elements and on the coating ( film or polycarbonate ) due to high humidity , to form sulfurous acid H2SO3, which can cause burns on the leaves of plants and destruction of material and structural elements covering greenhouses . In addition , sulfur dioxide is very harmful to humans and can cause poisoning. At a temperature of 258 ? With sulfur samovosplaneyaetsya .
Therefore, the evaporator is designed in such a manner that prevents overheating sulfur above 140 º C. It was formed at a temperature sulfur vapor , which creates an environment incompatible with the development of fungal diseases.
In order to avoid the negative impact of sulfur vapor on the staff working in the greenhouse , treatment is carried out at night and this process is easily automated .
The evaporator is used in order to prevent and to deal with those already in the greenhouse pests and diseases such as downy mildew , gray mold , scab , powdery mildew , etc. , as well as spider mites . After this treatment, the harvest is stored , and the plants themselves . The instrument is also used effectively in the mycelium , cellars , vegetable storehouses and in all types of enclosed spaces where you want to fight fungal diseases , as in the process of evaporation substance penetrates well into the corners , cracks and crevices , as well as actively repels rats and mice.
Zvaporatorov required amount , frequency and duration of use depends on the growing crop and the area and the degree of infestation.
General recommendation - the evaporator 1 100 m ? .
The efficiency of the evaporator is increased by the simultaneous use of a circulation of ventilation, which may reduce the necessary amount of 2-fold device .
Evaporator for prophylactic use , the device is turned on for 4-5 hours 2 times a week . With vigorous infection , it is recommended to enable the device for 8 hours 2-4 times a week.
Evaporators set at a height of 0.5-1 m above the highest point of the plant .
The working substance use lump sulfur - 100 grams per cup.
Cleaning and refilling with fresh gray evaporators produce 2-3 times a week .

For more information, please visit this articles web page.
This article was published on 17 December 2013.
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