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Irrigation sets
        Sprinkler irrigation "farm field FL1600sp»$303.00
        Drip set HidroBloom Automat.$88.00
        Drip set HidroBloom manual$27.00
        Drip set HidroBloom manual L$20.00
        Set "Fog in the greenhouse"$188.00
Agricultural nets
        Shadow net Aluminet 40 O$62.00
Drip Irrigation
        End line$0.05
        Dropper outdoor ClickTif$0.21
        Mini-drip tap$0.20
        PVC tube 4/7$31.00
        PE tube 8 mm$22.00
        Drip irrigation tube Hydrobloom$10.00
        PVC tube 3/5$17.50
        Micro drip coupling 6х6$0.03
        Micro drip elbow 6х6$0.08
        Micro drip T 6 mm$0.08
        Micro drip T 6 mm$0.28
        BARBED TEE 8 mm$0.09
        BARBED ELBOW 8 mm$0.08
        Barbed coupling 8 мм$0.07
        Barbed adapter 8X1/2"M$0.15
        Cap for woodpecker drippers$0.05
        Nipple connector N35$0.04
        Cap for woodpecker drippers 5 мм$0.04
        Micro drip manifold 4 outlet$0.07
        Micro drip manifold 2 outlet$0.03
        Micro tube adaptor 3/5 мм$0.03
        Micro tube adaptor 4/6 мм$0.03
        Stick valve starter$1.34
        Start konektor 16,17Х3/4M$1.30
        Start konektor 16,17Х3/4F$1.30
        Copling 16,17Х16,17$0.25
        Copling 22Х22$0.60
        Copling 25Х25$0.73
        Male adaptor 16,17Х1/2"$0.22
        Male adaptor 16,17Х3/4"$0.22
        Stick starter 16,17$0.29
        Irrigation controller G75-W$56.00
        Irrigation controller G75-10000$40.00
        Irrigation controller G75-30000$61.00
        Irrigation controller G75-20000$56.00
        Irrigation controller G75-81$95.00
        Irrigation controller G75-82$104.00
        Solenoid valves 6V electric pulse$20.00
        Solenoid valves, electric 24V AC$18.00
        Programmable timer$47.00
        LDPE Control Tube 6/4$17.00
        LDPE Control Tube 8/5.6$17.00
        Programmable timer$65.00
        Automation unit AU-4х25-MBV$112.00
        Automation unit AU-2х25-G75-20000$127.00
        Automation unit AU-4х25-G75-30000-MSV$259.00
        Automation unit AU-4x16-G75-Wx4$283.00
        Automation unit AU-3x25-G75-Wx3$213.00
        Automation unit AU-4х25-G75-30000$237.00
        Solenoid valves GEVA 75-S$18.00
        Solenoid valves GEVA 75-PO$17.00
        Controller GALCON GQ8000-4-6-8$69.00
        Mist 1$2.20
        Mist TAV-1$2.50
        Mist TAV-1$3.10
        Mist TAV-4$4.60
        Mist TAV-4 with tube 30 cm$5.20
        Sprinkler irrigation "farm field FL1600sp»$303.00
        Minisprinkler 831$0.45
        Minisprinkler 861$1.16
        PVC tube 4/7$31.00
        PE tube 8 mm$22.00
        Plug for plunger$0.06
        PVC tube 4/7, 30 or 60 cm$0.30
        Suspension for minisprinkler$0.60
        Non-drip valve$1.05
        Plunger threated$0.12
        Plug for fogger$0.08
        Connector Coll$0.05
        Sprinklers Sets
        Rain 861$1.30
Hydroponics. Fertigation
        FertyNorm Compact-2S-PVC-CT$1,191.00
        FertyNorm Compact-3S-PVC-CT$1,598.00
        FertyNorm Compact AR-2S-PVC-CT$1,173.00
        Disk Filter$10.10
        Screen Filter$4.80
        Swivel Screen Filter$5.30
        Swivel Disk Filter$10.70
        Disk filtration unit FA2-d$53.00
        Screen filtration unit FA2-s$37.30
        Disk Filter$11.00
        Disk filtration unit FM2-d$59.00
        Disk filtration unit FM3-d$78.00
        Arkal filters.
        ARKAL CATALOG$0.00
Pumps MixRite
        MixRite 1,0 m ³ / h, 0.2% fixed$272.30
        MixRite 2,5 m ³/h$289.00
        MixRite 2,5 m ³/h acid$356.30
        MixRite 2,5 m ³/h acid$356.30
        MixRite 2,5 m ³ / h of chlorine$349.80
        MixRite 2,5 m ³ / h for poultry$289.00
        MixRite 2,5 m ³/h for detergents$349.80
        MixRite 2,5 m ³/h chemical$333.00
        MixRite 2,5 m³/h chemical$384.00
        MixRite 2,5 m ³ / h fixed 0,2%.$227.50
        MixRite 2,5 m ³ / h, 3-10%$410.00
        MixRite TF 5m ³ / h$670.20
        MixRite TF 10m ³ / h$943.00
        MixRite TF 25m ³ / h$1,382.40
        MixRite 2,5 m ³ / h fixed 0,8%.$290.00
Threated fittings
        Cross swivel F (SCF1)$2.40
        Cross swivel М/F (SCFM1)$2.00
                Tees swivel
        Tee swivel 1F (STF1)$1.69
        Tee swivel 11/2'' M/2 F (STMF112)$3.64
        Tee swivel 1'' M/2F (STMF1)$1.42
        Tee swivel M/2F (STMF1)$5.16
        Tees with swivelling nuts M/2F (NLT34S)$0.59
        Tees with swivelling nuts M/2F (NLT1S)$0.85
        Tee swivel 11/2F (STF112)$4.52
        Tee swivel 2''F (STF112)$6.58
        Elbow swivel М/F (SEFM1)$0.90
        Elbow F/F (SEF112)$3.64
        Elbow F/F (SEF1)$1.22
        Elbow F/F (SEF2)$3.75
        Elbow swivel М/F (SEFM134)$0.90
        Elbow swivel М/F (SEFM112)$2.76
        Elbow swivel М/F (SEFM2)$3.75
                        Connectors F/F
        Connectors PB (SFF1)$1.19
                        Connectors F/M
        Connectors F/M (SFM34 )$2.47
        Connectors F/M (SFM1 )$0.79
        Connectors F/M (SFM134 )$0.79
        Connectors F/M (SFM2 )$3.35
        Connectors F/M (SFM34 )$0.54
        Cross nut lock 3X1''FX20$2.10
        Cross nut lock 3X1''FX16$2.10
        Cross nut lock 3X1''FX25$2.15
                Elbow nut lock
        Elbow nut lock 1"FX16$1.18
        Elbow nut lock 1"FX20$1.18
        Elbow nut lock 1"FX25$1.27
        T nut lock 1"FX1"FX25$1.80
        Nut lock fitting T-swivel F 16X3/4''FX16$1.05
        Nut lock fitting T-swivel F 20X3/4''FX20$1.05
        Nut lock fitting T-swivel F 25X1''FX25$1.61
                adapter nat lock
        Adaptor nut lock 1''F X 16$1.20
        Adaptor nut lock 1''F X 20$1.20
        Adaptor nut lock 1''F X 25$1.20
                Swing Joint
        Swing joint 1/2"х150х1/2"$5.71
        Swing joint 3/4"х150х3/4"$6.36
        Swing joint 1"х250х1"$5.71
                Adjustable Riser
        Adjustable Riser SHORT 1"MX1/2"-3/4"$1.77
        Adjustable Riser long 1"MX1/2"-3/4"$2.02
        Adjustable Riser SHORT 3/4"MX1/2"-3/4"$1.76
        Adjustable Riser long 3/4"MX1/2"-3/4"$2.02
        Bushing 1/2"MX3/4"F$0.19
        Bushing 3/4"MX3/4"F$0.19
        Bushing 1"MX1"F$0.42
        Bushing 1/2"MX1"F$0.42
        Bushing 3/4"MX1"F$0.42
        Bushing 1"MX1 1/4"F$0.50
        Bushing 1/2"MX1 1/4"F$0.50
        Bushing 3/4"MX1 1/4"F$0.50
        Bushing 1 1/2"MХ1 1/2"F$0.63
        Bushing 3/4"MX1 1/2"F$0.59
        Bushing 1"MX1 1/2"F$0.60
        Bushing 1 1/4"MX1 1/2"F$0.62
        Bushing 3/4"M*2"F$0.87
        Bushing 1"MX2"F$0.87
        Bushing 2"MX2"F$0.87
        Bushing 1 1/2"MX2"F$0.91
        Bushing 3/4"MX1/2"F$0.14
        Bushing 1"MX1/2"F$0.29
        Bushing 3/4"MX1/2"F$0.19
        Bushing 1 1/4"MX1/2"F$0.40
        Bushing 1 1/4"MX3/4"F$0.39
        Bushing 1 1/4"MX1"F$0.40
        Bushing 1 1/2"MX1/2"F$0.41
        Bushing 1 1/2"MX3/4"F$0.41
        Bushing 1 1/2"MX1"F$0.41
        Bushing 1 1/2"MX1 1/4"F$0.54
        Bushing 2"MX1/2"F$0.54
        Bushing 2"MX3/4"F$0.54
        Bushing 2"MX1"F$0.54
        Bushing 2"MX1 1/4"F$0.54
        Bushing 2"MX1 1/2"F$0.54
        Plugs F 3/4"$0.14
        Plugs F 1/2"$0.11
        Plugs F 1"$0.20
        Plugs F 1 1/4"$0.29
        Plugs F 1 1/2"$0.34
        Plugs F 2"$0.76
        Plug M. 1/2"$0.09
        Plug M 3/4"$0.10
        Plug M 1"$0.24
        Plug M 1 1/4"$0.43
        Plug M 1 1/2"$0.46
        Plug M 2"$0.55
        Couplings 1/2"X1/2"$0.19
        Couplings 3/4"X 3/4"$0.26
        Couplings 1"X1"$0.29
        Couplings 2''X2"$1.49
        Couplings 1 1/2"X1 1/2"$1.05
        Couplings 1 1/4''X1 1/4''$0.51
        Reduction-Coupling 1/2"X3/4"$0.24
        Reduction Coupling 1"X3/4"$0.28
        Reduction Coupling 1 1/4"X1"$0.50
        Reduction Coupling 1"X1 1/2"$0.97
        Reduction Coupling 3/4"X1 1/2"$0.97
        Reduction Coupling 1 1/2"X1 1/4"$1.01
        Reduction Coupling 2"X3/4"$1.35
        Reduction Coupling 2"X1"$1.36
        Reduction Coupling 2"X1 1/4"$1.47
        Reduction Coupling 2"X1 1/2"$1.44
        Nippel 1/2"X1/2"$0.09
        Nippel 3/4"X3/4"$0.11
        Nipple 1"X1"$0.24
        Nipple 1 1/4"X1 1/4"$0.50
        Nipple 1 1/2"X1 1/2"$0.58
        Nippel 2"X2"$0.79
        Nipple reduction 1/2"X3/4''$0.10
        Nipple reduction 3/4"X1/2''$0.11
        Nipple reduction 1"X3/4''$0.23
        Nipple reduction 1''X1 1/''4$0.47
        Nipple reduction 3/4''X1 1/4''$0.47
        Nipple reduction 1 1/2''X1 1/4''$0.55
        Ниппель редукционный 1''X1 1/2''$0.55
        Nipple reduction 1 1/2''X1/2''$0.55
        Nipple reduction 2"X1"$0.68
        Nipple reduction 2''X1 1/4''$0.68
        Nipple reduction 2"X1 1/2''$0.77
        Elbow 3/4''X3/4''$0.35
        Elbow reducing 3/4''X1/2''$0.38
        Elbow 1"X1"$0.50
        Elbow reducing 1''X3/4''$0.52
        Elbow reducing 1''X1/2''$0.76
        Elbow 1/2"MX1/2"F$0.38
        Elbow 3/4"MX3/4"F$0.50
        Elbow 1"MX1"F$0.59
        Eldow F/F 1/2"X1/2"$0.48
        Eldow F/F 3/4"X3/4"$0.57
        Eldow F/F 1"X1"$0.63
        Eldow F/F 1 1/4"X1 1/4"$1.24
        Eldow F/F 1 1/2''X1 1/2''$1.47
        Eldow F/F 2"x2''$2.36
        Tee 3/4"X3/4"X3/4"$0.39
        Tee M 3/4"X1/2"X3/4"$0.39
        Tee 1"X1"X1"$0.57
        Tee 1"X3/4"X1"$0.57
        Tee 3/4"X1"X3/4"$0.57
        Tee 1"X1/2"X1"$0.84
        Tee 1/2"X1/2"X1/2"$0.52
        Tee 3/4"X3/4"X3/4"$0.65
        Tee 1"X1"X1"$0.71
        Tee F 1 1/4"X1 1/4"X1 1/4"$1.39
        Tee 1 1/2"X1 1/2"X1 1/2"$1.58
        Tee F 2"X2"X2"$2.65
        Thread-lock saddle clamp
        Single outlet 20х1/2"$0.57
        Single outlet 25х1/2"$0.64
        Single outlet 25х3/4"$0.64
        Single outlet 32х1/2"$0.81
        Single outlet 32х3/4"$0.81
        Single outlet 32х1"$0.81
        Single outlet 40х1/2"$1.00
        Single outlet 40х3/4"$1.00
        Single outlet 40х1"$1.00
        Single outlet 50х1/2"$1.03
        Single outlet 50х3/4"$1.03
        Single outlet 50х1"$1.03
        Single outlet 63х1/2"$1.66
        Single outlet 63х3/4"$1.66
        Single outlet 63х1"$1.72
        Single outlet 63х1 1/2"$1.72
        Duble outlet 20х1/2"$0.81
        Duble outlet 25x1/2"$0.90
        Duble outlet 25x3/4"$0.90
        Duble outlet 32x1"$1.13
        Micro drip coupling 6х6$0.03
        Micro drip elbow 6х6$0.08
        Micro drip T 6 mm$0.08
        Micro drip T 6 mm$0.28
        BARBED TEE 8 mm$0.09
        BARBED ELBOW 8 mm$0.08
        Barbed coupling 8 мм$0.07
        Barbed adapter 8X1/2"M$0.15
                        Connectors compr.
                        Сompression adapters
                        Plugs compression
                        compression Tee
                        Angles compression
        Nut lock fitting male thread 3/4" 16 mm$0.36
        Nut lock fitting male thread 20mm$0.37
        Nut lock fitting male thread 25mm$0.66
        Coupling 16x16$0.62
        Nut lock fitting male thread 20 mm$0.37
        Nut lock fitting male thread 25mm$0.66
        Coupling 20X25$0.95
        Coupling 25X25$1.06
        Coupling 20X16$0.62
        Coupling 20X20$0.62
        Coupling 16X25$0.90
        Female thread 16X3/4"F$0.66
        Female thread 20X3/4"F$0.66
        Female thread 25X1"F$0.66
        Elbow male thread 1/2"Х16М$0.60
        Elbow 16x20$0.85
        Elbow 20х20$0.85
        Elbow 25х25$1.28
        Elbow 16Х16$0.85
        Elbow 20Х25$1.15
        Elbow 16Х25$1.15
        Elbow male thread 1/2"Х20М$0.60
        Elbow male thread 3/4"Х16М$0.60
        Elbow male thread 3/4"Х20М$0.60
        Elbow male thread 1/2"Х25М$0.91
        Elbow male thread 3/4"Х25М$0.91
        Elbow male thread 1"Х16М$0.69
        Elbow male thread 1"Х20М$0.69
        Elbow male thread 1"Х25М$0.88
                        Compression nuts and grips
        NAT 16-17 mm$0.15
        NAT 20 mm$0.15
        NAT 25 mm$0.20
        GRIP 16-17 mm$0.09
        GRIP 20 mm$0.09
        GRIP 25 mm$0.16
                        Nat lock fitting T
        T diameter 16x16x16$1.15
        T diameter 20x20x20$1.15
        T diameter 25x25x25$1.75
        T diameter 16x20x16$1.15
        T diameter 20х16х20$1.15
        T diameter 20х25х20$1.45
        T diameter 16х25x16$1.45
        T diameter 25x20x25$1.61
        T diameter 25х16х25$1.61
        T diameter 16x1/2''M x16$0.86
        T diameter 16x3/4''M x16$0.86
        T diameter 20x1/2''Mx20$0.90
        T diameter 25x1/2''Mx25$1.38
        T diameter 20x3/4''Mx20$0.88
        T diameter 25x3/4''Mx25$1.38
        T diameter 16x1''M x16$0.95
        T diameter 20x1''Mx20$0.95
        T diameter 25x1''Mx25$1.33
                        Compression Stub
        End line 16mm$0.36
        End line 20mm$0.36
        End line 25mm$0.65
                        Ball Valve PP
                        Dripline valves
                        Ball valves threaded PVC
                        Valve female threaded Compressio
                Valve "Butterfly"
        swivel manifold M 1''FX2X1''M$1.04
        swivel manifold M 1''FX3X1''M$2.58
        swivel manifold M 1''FX4X1''M$3.87
        swivel manifold M 1''FX5X1''M$5.16
        swivel manifold F 4X1"FX1"M$4.50
        swivel manifold F 3X1"FX1"M$2.99
        swivel manifold 5X1"FX1"M$5.98
        With 2 ball valves$15.15
        With ball valves 1''FX2X1''M$7.33
        With 3 ball valves$22.72
        With 4 ball valves$30.30
        Container for growing strawberries$4.75
        Dropper outdoor ClickTif$0.21
        Mini-drip tap$0.20
        PVC tube 3/5$17.50
        Universal punch UP$15.00
        Universal inserter UP-N$15.00
        Insert removable 4 mm - puncher$4.00
        Insert removable 3 mm - puncher$4.00
        Insert removable for Katif$4.00
        Insert removable for Clicktif$4.00
        Insert removable for plungers$4.00
        Mini Punch MP$5.00
        DR Drill Bit$16.00
        Ph meter ph-01$18.00
        TDS&EC meter$17.00
        Sprey Gan (1/4" FEMALE )$16.00
        Active air humidifier$192.00
        T&H Controller$75.00
        Greenhouse Teden-500$8,200.00
Pressure Regulators
        Adjustable, diameter 3/4''$18.00
        Adjustable, diameter 1''$42.00
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